Translation of a sample contract

Dear Alan
Please would you do me a favour to amend my grammar wich I’ve extracted and translated into English from a sample contract.
I hope that this won’t bring you any trouble cos I’m not sure what I ask for help will break the rule in this forum or not.
Anyway, thanks in advance for your time and help,

Dear -/-
As spoken, herein the domestic trading companies whom I’ve contacted for the local corn:
_ Nong San Viet
_ Ha Tien Thai
_ Phap Son Co.,ltd
_ DN Nguyen Tien Dung
Most of them said that due to the shorten in quantity of new crop, so they can’t meet our requirement. On the other hand, they’re ready to provide us a sample contract for our reference.
Please see below conditions and terms which have been extracted out from the contract and translated into English as your demand

Party A: Seller
Party B: Buyer
I - Specifications, Quantity, Packing, Delivery time and destination

Commodity: Yellow Maize Corn
Specs : Moisture
Foreign Matter
Imperfected Grains
Other Colour Grains
No living insects.

Packing: in PP bag, gross weight: 60kg/ bag, net weight 60,10kg/ bag.
Quantity: percentage +/- 10% tolerance at per 50mt of corn.
Cargo shall be weighed before loading into Buyer warehouse and a certificate of weighing will be considered as payment doc.
Delivery term: Buyer shall specify the location (normally at Buyer’s warehouse).
delivery period is 3 days after signing the contract.
Inspection: to be negotiative

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Maybe Amy should take a look if she wishes as she’s the Business English professional.