Translate into arabic: "playing hard to get"

hi everbody can anyone translate this into arabic (playing hard to get)
Can you please explain in detail what it means when someone starts playing hard to get with you please

[b]play hard to get /b

to pretend that you are less interested in someone than you really are as a way of making them more interested in you, especially at the start of a romantic relationship
Why don’t you return any of his calls? Are you playing hard to get? [often in continuous tenses]

(from Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)

Cannot do Arabic, sorry.

the translate into arabic is
من الصعب الحصول على اللعب

if you are not arabic like me i will explain it
it means : it is difficult to play

“Playing hard to get” does not mean “it is difficult to play.”

عزيزتي : لا أعتقد أن ترجمتكِ صحيحة أو منطقية

Dear Honey2 : I don’t think that your translation is true or logical

GET in Arabic has many meanings I cant count them now…

(playing hard to get) it can mean in Arabic :

من الصعب أن يُتاح للعب

i am a student if I am wrong I will thank you :oops:

According to the meaning mentioned above,best way to translate ‘play hard to get’ as
‘يلعب دور(شخص) صعب المنال’
hope it works

look if you are egyptian so it’s informal expression. look at the example that milanya had given here : Why don’t you return any of his calls? Are you playing hard to get?
In arabic we say : enta leh mabtrodsh 3leh ? enta btet2l . so " playing hard to get " used in romantic relationship exactly as we use it here in that. so it mean " btt2l".

playing hard to get i think that it means i must do my best to get something for example aposition on awork,or to get someone who i admire and want to get him or her.

One more time:

Yes, I strongly agree with Hibba’s translation

‘يلعب دور(شخص) صعب المنال’
hope it works

أو “يكون صعب المنال” كلا الترجمتين صحيحتين

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you have always been helpful.
If you didn’t explain it, they couldn’t translate it to Arabic. albeit, I don’t now Arabic and I’m wondering whether they translate it in correct way or not.

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إنةمن الصعب أنتؤدى هذا الدور أو تقوم به

I think it means"iterally …(علينا *

I will be very greatful if anyone can translate the following into English please,

al dne,hibba aa gaye maidan mai ho jamalo.

العب بجد كى تحصل