Trailer and listening 1 (miss_congeniality_2)

Trailer and listening 1 (miss_congeniality_2)

To improve our English listening, let’s take part in this activity.
All you need to do is to write down what you hear. Let’s see who can get as much as possible.

Topic: miss_congeniality_2
trailer download: …

or, you can go their website to watch the trailer online:

Let’s do it! :wink:

Shame on me that I just took at look at it, had I done it sooner.
Anyways, pretty cool your post just for a change. I assure you that I will coomment on it tomorrow since I’m going home after a hard night of work.

[size=150][color=blue]Better late than never. lol lol…[/size]

Did you happen to understand the hole clip? I did, of course with a little help from my friends.

Shawn, are you a native speaker of the English language?

Anybody wanna share, any doubts?

I am not a native person. That’s why I suggest this activity.
It looks like nobody except you is intrested in it. :frowning:

I have listened it once…and didn`t understand everything…most…
however it is not satisfying for me…
So, when I have time I will take a look or hear once again… :oops:

Try listening as many times as possible, it will make a difference, if you still have issues understanding, make a list of the words or phrases you may consider unknown so I can help you.

[size=150][color=blue]c’mon…lol. you can do it…[/size]

and i have sth wrong with my comp, I’ve installed to many codecs recently and my comp’s started playing up. I can’t play this clip:/
I have to reinstall my system soon… but i’m really unwilling to do it:/

??? unwilling ?? Why?

Simply because reinstalling always means losing some data. I have to chceck my program files, personal settings and stuff. Save some data, rewrite the other…
I hate it.

THX :*

It’s a pity, I hope you can do it soon so you won’t miss anything. Listening to stuff can be pretty interesting.

[color=blue]Good luck Most if I can call you so.

With one of my native friend’s help, I finished the script.
hope you guys like it.

FBI agent Gracie Hart was trained to handle any situation.
You know, you can’t wear swimsuit on this mission, right Hart?
Except this one.
Aren’t you gonna be here, in like, 10 minutes.
Probably we’re moving at a kind of a normal speed.
Is it the way I snort, cause I don’t have to snort.
HART have you been crying?
NO. I don’t cry, I don’t even have tear-ducts.
But even though she’s feeling alone.
She’s more popular than ever.
You are that Miss congeniality lady.
She’s FBI.
The bureau’s had a lot of bad publicity lately.
You could be the new face of the FBI.
Yes, You’ll be my Mona Lisa.
I just went though a beauty pagent, I am done playing dress up.
now, Welcome Gracie Hart.
She’s got fame.
I think we should all be sitting under driers
She’s got atitude.
How about a real sorry?
This is gonna be great.
You are about to feel some real pain.
Don’t talk to me about pain sister.
You just called me sister.
That’s not what she did.
Because I don’t recall seeing a little skinny white girl at the table growing up.
Hey, first of all, thank you for calling me skinny.
And she’s got backup.
I’m your bodyguard.
That planE does not take off unless we’re both on it.
You might consider a tictac.
But after her best friend goes missing.
We’ve been kidnaped.
She is too young to die, and I am not as old as I look.
Gracie, Please.
I have to do something.
This cover girl is going back undercover.
Oh, I am… you don’t … how are you? This is my lovely nurse.
I love my work.
Like it or not. We are a team. I can’t do this without you.
I am begging you. Usually they give an epidural for this kind of agony.
Hart, you’d better be right. OR I swear …
This spring. From warnerbros pictures.
I just don’t see why I couldn’t be Tina.
You don’t see that.
Sandra Bullock
FBI, we need your car.
Get lost, big bird.
Oww, oww, Sorry.
What happened to team yo?
You and me in it … together.
Don’t do that again.
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
All right. Regis remember, solar plexis,
in step, nose, and groin.
Not the groin.
This Spring, Get Fabulous.

mind this:

“I thought we were moving at kind of a normal speed”

"I’m Ida Flemembaun how are ya?

instep: the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the instep .

anatomy upper middle area of the foot: the arched middle portion of the human foot between the ankle and toes, especially its upper surface

Other than that great job and good ear.

rich7, are you an English speaker?

I wish, no my friend and if you take a look at my profile you will find that I just started English this last november posting simple questions about basic English. I must say it’s been quite a journey of learning the language step by step with the help of the administrators of this site, along with a few others.