Trail markers

Friend A: While you take in the scenery, I’ll go and get a trail guide. I don’t want us to get lost.

Friend B: Good thinking. There are a lot of trails, and it’s easy to lose your way if you miss the trail markers.

  • Could you please tell me what “take” and “trail markers” mean in this context? :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch to friends!

“Take in” = enjoy, admire.

“Trail markers” are ways the trail is marked. Where I grew up, it was usually small dabs of paint on trees. There may be a blue trail, an orange trail, a red trail, etc. If the two trails overlap, you’ll have one of each color. (If the trail takes a hard turn to the right or left, there are two patchs of paint.) You should be able to see the next marker from the previous marker. In real life, it was easier to miss a couple along the way. If you missed the one that showed the path turned, you could get a bit lost.