Tragedy in India

Hi @Anglophile Lawrence,
We are all thinking of you at this time of peril for your country.


Hi Alan, thank you very much for bringing the tragedy to our attention and for expression your support with the Indian people who are suffering from the unfolding crisis. Since both you and I happen to live in the global North I’d like to share the following quote by Jason Hickel:

"The Covid catastrophe that’s engulfing India and other global South countries could have been significantly mitigated had the US, UK and Europe not repeatedly refused to suspend vaccine-related patents. People are being sacrificed on the altar of “intellectual property”.

The dire situation in India reminds of this post:

And here is a good description of who is responsible for many of the deaths in India and other countries of the global South:

These are the countries who are blocking the lifting of vaccine patents. People in the global North virtually kill for money.


Dear @Alan
It’s so kind of you to personally show your concern about my country. Grateful thanks to you for thinking of me and our people. I also appreciate the feelings expressed by @Torsten.
Yes, India is passing through a very difficult and dangerous phase in her history. With the population being too high, the impact of the pandemic is also very heavy on us. Comparatively, I am at a safer place, in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, a State situated on the southern tip of the country. Both the Union and the State governments are trying their best to bring the perilous situation under control.
Personally, I do not blame any country for their Pandemic Policies and Intellectual Property Rights. I only wish peoples of the world united to combat the wicked disease regardless of colour, community or race!
Thank you all once again, Alan.