TPO 3 Independent Writing

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
It is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new friends.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Making friends takes time and patience. Once two people become friends, they are bond together to face the vicissitude and make the important decisions. Thus old friends are more significant since they give us constant support and the friendship survived through long period time.

Old friends attend to us from the bottom of their heart. Living in the society, it is inevitable that we will be trapped into some troubles, both physically and mentally. At that time, the first people come to our mind when we want to express depressions is our old friend. Since we understand each other thoroughly and aware of the best way to comfort each other, the courage and consideration can be most direct and efficient. Besides, people inclined to convey their most vulnerable part to their most reliable people. If I am feeling depressed, I pretend to behave well in front of some acquaintances. However, when I meet my best friends, I will probably can not help crying and revealing my sorrows soundly. I do not need to worry about my images and status. The only thing I want to do is to release myself totally. And I have the conviction that my friends will accompany me to overcome such excruciating moment.

Old friends treat us sincerely no matter what changes occur to us. We all expect everything to be pretty well. Yet it may not be the case. Some of us may be ill in hospital, some of us may be fired by the boss, some of us may be promoted to a higher position and some of us may be honored as a hero. All of the changes, whatever good or bad, can not alter the relationship between old friends and us. In their mind, the changes are merely some accessories to us, not the entity. They love us, because of the real man in us, not the comment from outside. Furthermore, they will stand behind us permanently with respect to the general principles. As long as we obey the rules and standards between us and the norms of the society, olds friends are always there waiting for us if need any help.

Admittedly, new friends can offer us immediate help especially when we are away from old friends. But this assistance is instant and just physically. What’s more, the friendship is fragile as our status and power are not beneficial to them.

Above all, attaining old friendship is more vital than starting new ones. Old friends are those who deserve our cherish lifelong. Their unconditional loves are the greatest indispensable treasure in our life that nobody can replace.