TPO 18 Writing For Revision ^_^

Students are more influenced by their teachers than by their friends.

For most of the time, students are engaged in school and teachers and friends consist of their school life. Determining who will influence them more, I prefer the teachers. The reasons responsible for this are as follows.

Firstly, teachers are more knowledgeable than friends and gain more respect from students. As the saying goes: birds with the same feather gather together. When staying with friends, students communicate the topic they are interested in. It means the things are exactly what they have in common. Thus, they do not indeed influence each other but to express the viewpoints towards the same thing. Since they have limited knowledge about the stuff, it is expected they can not dive into the further insight of it. However, teachers who are mature enough and rich in experience can provide them with deeper understanding. The descriptions from the teachers not only contain what the students like but extend it to a broad sight. Hence, compared with the comment of the same level among friends, they will more enthusiastic about the words of teachers. Besides, students respect their teachers, especially in class. It lends them to take in the teachers’ opinion more seriously than friends. And the more they digest , the more they will utilize in the future.

Secondly, teachers are more sophisticated in dealing with the problems of students both educationally and mentally. If a student falls into depression, the most efficient way is to consult teacher directly. Teachers attend to the problems professionally. They keep track of the students’ grades and observe their behavior in and out of class. These empirical experience allow them to draw an practical solution towards these emergencies and can educate the students in an informed way without hurting his emotion and esteem. That’s why we tend to our head teacher for help whenever we are confronted with troubles. Sometimes, they are even more reliable than our own parents.

In sum, influence can be obtained only if students want to adopt the advice. Friends, at their age, can be the best companions and a good listener. But, teachers are different. They act as a guilder rather than simply accord to what students put. They will use their accumulated thought and ways to unravel the knot in students’ mind and pave the best way for them to develop, making the impact lifelong.