Dear Teachers:

I’m trying to translate my own cv into English and although I have some samples to take as a reference, I find expressions in my language that have no translation into English, or at least I have found no evidences of these.

When you want to make clear that you are totally available, both geographically and as regards time. What expressions would you use?

Thanks in advance


Hi Vanesa,

Thanks for your interesting request. May I suggest;

[i]I am available to start work at any time and in any country.

I would be free to take up a new post with immediate effect and in any location.

I have no restrictions as to time or place as far as my employment is concerned/regarding future employment.

I have no present commitments/no commitments at present and so I would be available to undertake employment straightaway and have no problem with the location of any post offered.[/i]

Just a few thoughts which you may find of use.


Dear Alan,

Thanks a lot for the inforation provided.
Very handy, useful and quick, as you usually do.

Thanks a million!!!