Topic78:Has technology made the world a better place to live?

Topic78: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Technology has made the world a better place to live.

Some people say that technology has affected the world negatively, for instance nuclear weapons are used as a means to destory cities. However, I do not go along with this statement, and rather I think that technology has contributed to make the world better. For one thing, a mobile phone has changed the way of people’s communication. In addition, the Internet has brought a change to the field of education.

First of all, with the development of a mobile phone, people are always able to communicate with friends and family. In the past, for example, my grandfather used a letter as a means to keep in touch with other people. A letter is useful now too, but because the cost of a letter is not low and sending a letter every time is painful, a letter is not always a good means. However, today, we can make use of a mobile phone to communicate with friends. We can not only call to friends and talk with them but also send a mail to them any time and any place. Furthermoer, the price of a mail is lower than that of a letter. In fact, now my grandfather too use a mobile phone every day. Thanks to a mobile phone, we can get in touch with other people easily and cheaply.

Next, the Internet has contributed to the domain of education. Today, a lot of people are able to watch quality lectures on various homepages by using the Internet beause some universities and companies provide a variety of lectures to people on the web. In the past, there is no ways to learn subjects, such as philosophy, physics, and mathematics, other than studying in the school. Therefore, students was able to choose teachers and courses that they really wanted to take. However, these days, plenty of students can study by making use of lectures on the web at home, for instance itunesU that is provided by Apple is one of them. So, if people live in environment such as they can use the Internet, people all over the world today study subjects that they are interested in on the web.

To sum up, technology has brought various good changes to the world. A mobile phone has changed the way of the communication among people. Moerover, people can learn what people are interested in on the web by using the Internet.

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