Topic77: Is it better to be a member of a group than the leader of a group?

Topic77: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to be a member of a group than the leader of a group.

Some people may think that being a member of a group is better than the leader because all a member need to do is follow a leader’s direction. However, I think it is a good choice to be a leader of a group. For one thing, a leader can try what he or she wants to do. In addition, a leader is able to take a variety of skills.

First of all, a leader of a group is able to start something in which he or she is really interested as a job. An entreprener is a perfect example. In general, plenty of entrepreners set a company up to try what they want to do. That is to say, they can commit something valuable for them, and it brings them large satisfaction. This is one of a leader’s privileges. On the other hand, a member cannot decide his tasks. His tasks are given by his boss.

Next, a leader can improve his skills. All a member need to do is finish tasks given by the leader. On the other hand, the leader have to commit a widely of tasks, such as the management and the recruitment. Even though he dose not directly need to commit the recruitment, he has to have knowledge about the task at least. It is because if he does not have the knowledge, he is not able to evaluate his workers’ job. Moreover, when the group is small and the number of members is also few in particular, the leader would have to work almost all tasks, and it leads to enhancing his skills. In that sense, a position of a leader is more valuable than just a member.

To sum up, a leader can take some merits, compared to a member in the group. A leader is able to approach what he wants to try and is interested in as a job. Furthermore, a leader can also has a lot of chances to improve his facility.

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Hi Doshima,

I think this essay is unfortunately a bit of a step back for you. Overall, it seemed a bit meager, without enough arguments or examples to fully support your position. Once again, you have a clear structure, but you have more basic grammatical errors here than usual, like your errors in verb conjugation and your overuse of the word commit, which is not really applicable in any of your cases. Please don’t get discouraged, we all have our off days, but I can only rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

Thank you very much for corrections. I appreciate your kind comment.

This topic was actually tough for me, and I could not conceive of good examples within the time. These days, it relatively takes long time to think of ideas of body paragraph. But, well, I think all I need to do is to practice every day. So, I’ll try to write good essays next time.