topic4: live a big city or a small town

Essay: Some people prefer to live in a big city others prefer small towns state which one you prefer and why giving specific example.
Some people like the excitement of big cities life because big cities have more advanced and complete facilities of education and a big city has more opportunities for career. Furthermore, a big city has more various entertainment facilities. For this reason, many people leave small towns and move to big cities to find a good job. However, in my opinion, I prefer to live in a small town.
To begin with, a small town brings me good health because in the early morning, the air is clean and fresh and there is no need to worry about the space for outdoor exercise. Moreover, the houses have a large garden in which they can grow flowers and vegetables. This helps them relax on the one hand and physically exercise on the other.
In addition, living in a small town one can get the warm friendship and care everywhere. For example, when I am ill, my neighbor can help me at any time and take care of me carefully. People are interested in helping each other without distinction between the rich and the poor. In contrast to this, living in big cities many people are strangers and they don’t care about life of others around. Furthermore, when I walk out, I can always meet friends and chat with them freely, comfortably and informally.
Finally, everyone knows that in a large city there are competitions and tensions as well as opportunities. But now, with the development of rapid transportation and telecommunication moving from place to place or getting information from outside either in a big city or a small town has become easy. Furthermore, people even could work at home or go on foot to their work-place. That will avoid traffic jams and air pollution. Besides people who live in the small town are likely to have longer longevity and are healthier than those who inhabit in the big city. High technologies can harm and cause various health problems to the people who are citizen of the big city.
In sum, a small town is clean, quiet and comfortable, and this is attractive to me. Therefore, I prefer to live in a small town.

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a bookstore sales clerk and a student

Essay: in some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.
Today, students everywhere have to cope with a great deal of difficulties in their lives. For example, studying at a college or university can be very expensive. Some universities charge $40000 a year for tuition. Considering many students will spend four years studying at a university, this can amount to a very large sum of money, so they must overcome financial difficulty and find ways to finance their education. Therefore, in some countries, many teenagers earn extra cash by working part-time jobs while still in high school. In my opinion, I believe that it is a good idea for teenagers to work while still in high school. There are a number of reasons to support my idea.
To begin with, the money earned from these part-time jobs can be very helpful for paying tuition and covering the expense of living. For example, teenagers need extra money to help pay for outing with their friends and to buy clothing and personal items. Nowadays, although most of the families can afford for their daily activities, such as Internet and television, some of the families are still living in poverty or below the average level, so if the teenagers in the families can make some extra money by doing part-time jobs, it may be really helpful to their parents.
Secondly, teenagers also learn a lot of new knowledge and experiences from other teenagers who have jobs when they are still students. In daily work, teenagers have lots of opportunities to cooperate with others, so they can learn different ways to communicate with different people and get along well with all kinds of people. For example, before I had a part-time job, I didn’t feel confident and comfortable to communicate with my friends and teachers, but now; I have become more confident and obtain lots of new experiences from others in order to give my ideas and communicate with them an easy way.
Finally, teenagers learn the best ways to balance their study with their work so that they achieve good results in their study. Besides, they can learn responsibility by working. For example, although I work part-time job in the evening to earn extra money for paying tuition, I still spend lots of time to do my homework and prepare a lesson before I go to school.
Of course, there may be some negative consequences from a teen’s part-time job. They may get be lower grades, and they may have less time with friends and family. I believe the benefits gained from working far outweigh the negatives and will help students adjust better to their adult lives.

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