Topic38: What are the qualities of a good neighbor?

Topic38: Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor?

In reality, although we cannot choose neighbors who live near our houses, I would hope that neighbors have three qualities. For example, they live quietly and they are friendly people. In addition, it is better fot them to have some good faculties.

First of all, I want neighbors to live quietly near our houses. Noises prevent us from concentrating on doing something in our homes. For example, it is very difficult for me to study in my room if neighbors often make noises around our region. In particular, not making noises at night is very important. Generally speaking, this is one of social manners that every one should have.

In addition, I hope that neighbors are friendly poeple toward us. If they have good personalities, such as hunny and humorous, we will be able to become friends with them relatively sooner. Moreover, if we can have good relationship between each other, we may do various activities with them. For instance, we can invite them to our homes and hold some parties. Also, we may be able to go to music concerts and stadiums together. We can spend enjoyable times with them.

Finally, I will be glad if neighbors have some specific faculties. For example, if some neighbors are good carpentors, we can ask them to repair our broken book shelfs and desks. Furthermore, if some of them are able to sing very well, we can enjoy hearing their songs. On the other hand, for instance, because I am good at cooking various traditional meals, I can cook what they want to eat for them. Having some faculties enables us to become close to each other easily and to make our lives pleasanter.

To sum up, I hope that neighbors have three qualities. It is important for them to live quietly. Also, if they are friendly people and they have some faculties, we would be able to spend enjoyable lives every day.

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