Topic21: Do you agree with the idea that luck has nothing to do with success?

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Topic21: “When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above?

I disagree with the idea that luck has nothing to do with success because of three reasons. Firstly, we can’t decide whether or not unexpected danger happens. Secondly, we can’t choice the time we are born. Thirdly, each of our characters is decided by divine favor. I think that these are kinds of luck that has something to do with success.

First of all, whether or not unexpected danger happens is not related to hard work. Although we can control economic condition to some degree, we are not able to expect and control natural disaster, such like earthquake, tunami, and typhoon. When we make more effort to success for the future, if earthquake happens and destroies the factories and compnaies, our hard works don’t come to nothing. Therefore, whether or not avoiding unexpected danger is a kind of luck.

Secondly, we cannot choice the time we are born. It means that we cannot always achieve what we want to do because what we can do is limited by technology of the time. For example, in the past, although some people wanted to produce pragmatic robots, they could not invent them because of undeveloped technology at the time. However, if they were born today, they might make amazing robots and succeed. What we can do has something to do with the time we are born.

Finally, our characters are decided by divine favor. This fact is a kind of luck too and relate to success. For example, even though some people want to become soccer players, they who are born with a health problem cannot achieve their dreams. Also, in my country in the past, women were allowed to become politicions due to laws. If we don’t have aquired ability or meet conditions, it is difficult to gain the honor in the specific field that we want to success.

In conclusion, for these reasons above stated, I think that unexpected danger, the time we are born, and our character or ability are kinds of luck. Therefore, I disagree that luck has nothing to do with success.

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