Topic14: Are parents are the best teachers?

Hi, everyone.
Please correct my essay. By the by, what I wrote about my family in this essay is a fiction.

Topic14: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers.

I agree with the statement that parents are the best teachers. I have the three reasons for that. I have learned important things from my parents, such as moral, working, and balance among working and family. Now, I will state the detail to support my opinion.

First of all, my parents taught me some morals. For example, kindness is one of them. When I was walking with my mother in the past, we saw an old woman stray in the street. Although I wanted to ignore her because we were very busy then, my mother came to the old woman and helped her. When I saw the old woman smiled warmly to us, I regreted what I thought and I decided I should become kind more.

Secondly, I learned the meaning of working hard from my father. My father is a teacher at a high suchool. He often works until late at night at school. Since I have never worked yet, I don’t know real hardness of working, though, I can understand at least my father is diligent. Moreover, he seldom complains about it. And, in fact, he is liked by many students. Therefore, I could learn that working hard is not negative thing but positive thing.

Finally, I learned how to take balance among working and family. Although I know my father is very busy every day, he hardly spends times to be with my family together. Believe it or not, he loves working even on holiday. Therefore, my mother and sister sometimes feel angry because he doesn’t play with them such as going to shopping and watching movies. Of course, working very is good, but sacrificing own family is bad. I learned importance of the balance among working and being with family.

In conclusion, I have ever learned some things from my parents. Moral, working, and balance among working and family are examples here. For these reasons above stated, I think parents are the best teachers.

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Parents (especially Mother) are the best teacher for an infant at the beginning… because the child resides just beside his/her mother in those days to learn anything that is shared by the mother. But after the child gets enough growth to learn from other sources the parents should guide their child nicely to continue learning.