TOPIC : Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group

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Today, everyone has its own method of studying. And there is no wrong or wright if someone is successful by studying individually or in a group. To me, I prefer studying in a group because it helps me to make progress rapidly and use the studying time more efficiently.

To begin with, studying in a group it helps me to make progress rapidly. For example, during my college life it was necessary for me to read foreign literature such as English and American Literature. At that time, our mid-term and final exams were quite difficult and it seemed to us that we must read a lot of masterpieces every day. If we do not prepare so well in advance, we were afraid that we will fail that exam.
My classmates and I decided to study as a group to stimulate or force us to read those works every week. We found it useful because we had a well planned studying schedule so that we could handle exam with perfect ease, sometimes like a piece of cake. With a study group we could discuss any detail we might get confused with or might miss any important message, like authors’ metaphor or terms that you can’t find in everyday language. It really was beneficial to us and helped us to be successful

Secondly, studying in a group it helps me to save so much time. For example, I am studying English now, but sometimes there are words, idioms, or any unique usages that bewilder me a lot. I have to look them up on the Internet or in a dictionary. All this It takes me a great deal of time. However, if I could have a study group, maybe I could ask my team members to solve my perplexities soon, which could also save me much time. In addition, when I practice speaking, what I can do is talk to myself. Although it is not useless, I believe if there is someone who I can talk to, I can make progress more quickly. What’s more, we can help correct the other’s grammar or usage, which makes us learn more accurately.

To sum up, in my opinion I believe that if we can study with a group of people it helps us to learn more efficiently. We can use less time to obtain more achievement. Most importantly, studying with a group can make us have motivation to learn.

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