Topic 37: Do you agree or disagree that progress is always good? Use specific rea

Topic 37: Do you agree or disagree that progress is always good? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Recently the issue of whether progress is always wise has been widely debated in our community. It is an important issue because it directs and affects the path that people may opt for their long term strategy in life. A group of people states that progress is always appreciated, yet I find this view flawed and hard to justify for the following reason.

To begin with, on the one hand, regarding the competency originated in all realms, progress takes place when a person devotes the whole his or her life in only one dimension. On the other hand, psychologically speaking, a successful person is a one who has spent his or her life in all natural dimensions surrounding human kind’s life, and have experiences in different aspects of living, not only a one. The reason is that, any person possesses a great deal of natural requirements which should be satisfied, if a person decides to live naturally. Therefore, the progress conflicts with the success. As while as success is supposed as the ultimate goal of humankinds, so I strongly reject and against toward progress. As I mentioned, progress advents in only one dimension of life, at the cost of other dimensions, on the contrary, people naturally need to experience all dimensions of life to enjoy an interesting life. To illiterate the point, suppose a biology professor teaching in a prominent university. As a matter of fact, he or she is a progressed person, but only in biology. That is, he or she has poorly experienced art, sport, even leisure activities and so on. It is asserted that, this group of people does not enjoy their life because of the fact that, they have not responded to their natural inclinations and tendencies in all dimensions. They have concentrated all their energy and time on only a realm, and neglected other indispensible realms. That is why I believe that the more progressed a person, the least he is happy in his personal life.

To sum up, regarding the arguments mentioned above, I am of the opinion that progress is sharply in contrast with human success as well as happiness and enjoying the life. If a person would like to become successful and happy in his personal life, he should forget everything about progress.

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