"Too studious student, interested only in studying" - English?

Hi, everybody!

Could you, please tell me what the English for [color=blue]too studious student, interested only in studying is? (In Russian it’s ботан).


Думаю, это будет studious bookworm или crammer (зубрила).

Could be a nerd too.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks a lot!

It would be a nerd if the person is socially inept. Many bookworms do quite well socially, but nerds usually don’t.

It can’t be a crammer, because a crammer is an institution, not a person. It’s meant to help people cram for exams.

Well, actually I’ve many times come across this definition as “a person who crams for exams”: “crammer - a student who crams” thefreedictionary.com/crammer
Perhaps, this usage is rather rare?

It’s not that rare, but it’s not the equivalent of a nerd or a bookworm. The reason the person is a crammer is probably that he is NOT a bookworm. He has such a busy social life and so many non-academic activities that he waits until the last minute to study. That’s why he has to cram.

very interesting!