Tony Blair's resignation

Hi all,

Have you thought about what job will Blair going to do after leaving 10# Downing street?And as a prime minister of the UK and also a Leader of the labour party,what did Blair indeed do to the UK and the world? In other words,do you think that Blair is an excellent politician or leader?



The Rt Hon Tony Blair MP has done a great many good things for his fellow Britons. I am sure Mr Alan Townend will tell you more about his dedication to the UK shortly.


I breathed a sigh of relief at his departure. Dedication to the UK? You must be joking! The only person he has ever been dedicated to is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair!


Hi Alan,

You can’t be serious! Come on, tell people how great Tony Blair has been and how sad you will be when he asks Her Majesty The Queen to dissolve Parliament.


hmm… are you serious about Blair?

I don’t mess up with British or any other country’s politics, but Tony always seemed to be a good guy…

Hi aereal,

I also wouldn’t blame Blair for anything. He indeed is and always was a good guy. I wonder if it’s at all possible to be a PM beloved by everyone. My answer is: probably not. Alan, could you please tell us why you think Tony Blair has failed as the UK’s Prime Minister?


Blair is, in my opinion, a very nice intelligent man with great integrity…perhaps too much integrity because he decided to back the USA…(thank you Tony Blair) except the USA is being run by an idiot of a President, G. W. Bush. Bush ruined Blair’s career.