TOMMY by Kitosdad.

That’s it! I’m getting out of here!
Tommy had decided that he had had more than enough of being ordered around by his parents.
How embarrassing it had been when his Father had shouted at him yesterday for not being home earlier.
Most of his friends were allowed to go home much later than he did.
And his Sister, just who did she think she was, telling tales about the things he did when he was out of the house.
It was bad enough when his Father said he would call the Police next time he heard about such things … yes, he was really fed-up with the lot of them.

Tommy had his evening meal and watched television for a while.
He sneaked a quick look at his Father who was falling asleep on the sofa beside him. His Mother was in the kitchen, washing-up as usual.
His Sister was on the phone talking to one of her silly girl-friends.

Just wait until in the morning when they see that I’ve gone.
Won’t they be surprised!
No more nagging.
No more shouting at.
No silly Sister telling tales about him.

He stood and went to tell his Mother he was going to bed.
She barely acknowledged his words.

He climbed the stairs and attended to his toilet, then he went into his bedroom and found his suitcase.
He hurried to fill it before anyone realised what he was about to do.
He took only what he felt he would need.

He didn’t have much money, but he was certain he would easily be able to find a good job.
Everyone always said he was a good worker, even his Father.

He put out the light and climbed into bed.
Better to wait until they were all asleep before getting out.
He didn’t need any confrontations now that his plans were all made.

He lay listening as the family all climbed the stairs and retired to their bedrooms.
It seemed that he waited for hours before he decided that the silence meant that all the rest of the family were sound asleep.
He could hear his Father snoring through the thin walls.

He climbed out of bed and silently opened his bedroom door.
Going slowly down the stairs with his case he made sure to avoid the creaky stair half way down.

He reached the front-door and quietly turned the key. This was it. He took a deep breath and slowly opened the heavy door.
Outside all was dark and a light fall of rain splashed against his face and shoes.

Tommy closed the door once more.
Perhaps it would be better to go tomorrow when it wasn’t raining and dark, after all, when you are only four years old you’ll have lots of chances to leave.


Hi everybody!
I recommend you all to record this funny story in order to improve your pronunciation:)
This one contains common vocabulary and I guess that it is really appropriate for the first try.
Came on guys, you will like it:)

That’s it! I’m getting out of here!

That was really good Lub. You always do my little stories justice. Thank You.

Hi my friend Kitos!
Thank you very much for listerning to my recording.
I always read you stories gladly:)
However, I can’t understand why others lose this great chance.
I wish more people would read your amazing stories.

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I am afraid that I made too many mistakes. I will try better next time

Thanks very much guys for your recordings. I was beginning to think the ladies were the only ones to dare speak. :slight_smile:

Let’s see how well you can improve by your reading one of the other stories.

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As you can see Fairy, as you requested, I have recorded the story. Poor Torsten is always asking me to remember to do so … the problem is that there is always something happening in my house … people coming and going, the telephone ringing, and three barking dogs to try to constantly pacify.
This isn’t offered as an excuse for not doing so, it is the reality of my circumstances.
I often have to wait until late at night, or even rise early to enable me to attain the silence that I need to make an acceptable recording.
Anyway, I have done it, and I hope you enjoy it.


Yes Kitos ,i have the same problem ,that’s why i always come and when i intend to record ,its at night too :slight_smile:

Thank you very much ,Kito for answering my request,now iam going to listen how did you pronounce words,thats indeed so nice of you <3 <3

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Hi Kitos,
thank you very much for listerning to my recording.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Bravo Mr. Kitosdad,
This is a very funny story. I almost started laughing when read the end of it.

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