TOEIC test tomorrow for me (about scoring high)

I got the test tomorrow at 8:00 am :shock: my english level is upper intermediate D: i wonder what score i´ll get xD i kind of feel insecure about scoring high.

Good to hear from you. Don’t forget to write ‘i’ as ‘I’ :wink: Kidding.

The key to score high is – being honest with what you have learned all these years.

Good luck.

Hello Rouz,

How was the exam? I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

hello Gray
well… T_T ugh I didnt get to finish it :confused: and in the listening part I missed some questions lol I guess I wasnt focused cuz was reading the wrong questions in the testbook meanwhile the radio cassette was by another question ( radio cassette conversation was by the question 53 and i dont know whyyyyyyy I was reading the other page that was by the question 60ish T_T so i was like hmmm these questions doesnt match with the radio cassette, then i looked at my answer sheet and i noticed bout it T_T and guess what I did lol… I randomly fill the ones i missed but that was a great mistake cuz trying to fill them didnt let me focus in the others conversations :confused: and well they say results will be after 3 weeks

It seems you really messed up the things :wink: Anyway, we as a learner shouldn’t stop at an exam…isn’t it good to continue improving ourselves? What are you thinking?

[color=green]I think that youre right. Gotta keep improving :slight_smile:

This example shows a typical problem met by many students “incorrect preparation”

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Totally correct !!

You are absolutely right, Torsten! I’ve been trying to do the same thing! Not only biz news but also some English movies (Start Movies, HBO and Start World with famous “Friends” series…).

Good point! But… as usual, following a good advice will be the advertising for your website! Have you paid some for these advertisements here, HamburgEnglish? Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

smile … no you are correct!

But for the little advertising I do, I return the favour by visiting quite regularly and take part in the forums offering advice and help on both the TOEIC test and also general English grammar.

Actually this forum is a little like my second home … smile.