TOEIC scores related to number of hours training

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Some our company clientes use TOEIC to measure employees progress in English and they often need to know how many hours of language classes are needed in order to progress from one score to a higer one. Does any such table exist which relates number of class/study hours in the English language to TOEIC scores?

I also need to compare TOEIc Bridge scores with low TOEIC scores.

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As I think in Tunisia, there is training courses which varies with the goals of a candidate TOEIC ; but in my mind it’s too expensive ; otherwise it depends on material situation of the candidate.

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That is a very difficult question to answer because it depends totally on the learning ability of the person involved. On our website at TOEIC Preparation online, your clientes can see an average estimation of times required to jump levels.

Maybe you would be interested in OnlineEnglish as it has a very unique, official and proven way of training, preparation and estimation for the TOEIC test.

We also have a website at that is an online English proficiency estimation testing system that delivers results under the Common European Framework. We have several very large worldwide organisations using this system for example; for class placement, and TOEIC pre-estimation for training needs assessment as preparation for sitting the TOEIC test.

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really good question

To whom it may concern:

The question “How many hours of TOEIC preparation (in-class time plus homework time) are needed to increase one’s TOEIC score?” is a good question. Moreover, this is a question that should equally concern TOEIC test takers, ESL professionals, and corporate training managers.

As founder and president of International Strategic Communications (ISC) I encourage you to visit ISC at (

At ISC, we conducted over 50 TOEIC courses (beginner/intermediate/advanced) totaling about 300 students at NEC in Tokyo, Japan. Each TOEIC Master course was 52 hours long consisting of 26 two-hour classes. The last 6 classes stressed reading and conversation skills. There were between 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours of homework for each TOEIC class. Our average TOEIC score increased was 122 points. The TOEIC courses were conducted at NEC between 1998 to 2007.

I should stress that TOEIC score increases are not linear. More classroom time and homework time are required to increase TOEIC scores when initial TOEIC scores are very low (below 300) and very high (above 750). One can expect higher TOEIC score increases (150 to 225 points) when ones initial TOEIC score is in the range of 400 to 700. In our advanced TOEIC course where average beginning TOEIC scores were typically in the range of 750 to 900 points, our average TOEIC score increase was about 50 to 75 points. It is possible for a student to increase his/her TOEIC score by 150 points from TOEIC 750 to TOEIC 900 but it is impossible for a student to increase his/her TOEIC score 150 points from TOEIC 900 to TOEIC 1050. Remember the maximum TOEIC score possible is TOEIC 990.

For more information please visit our ISC homepage and read “Interview.”

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Gregory Douglas Poole