TOEIC question: Who will go vs. Who is going?


I hope it’s OK if I post a couple of questions in a row?
I’m still going through the test questions in my TOEIC prep book and I’d like for you to explain a point of two regarding the correct use of the tenses. Please take a look at this question:

Who will go with you on the business trip?

My question is, could I also say:

Who is going with you on the business trip?

I mean, if the speakers know for sure that there will be a business trip, couldn’t the present progressive be used instead of the simple future?


If the speakers know for sure that there is going to be a business trip, and that it has been arranged for someone to go with “you”, then the present progressive works.

Using “will” would fit into this situation too, but in my opinion it might also have one or more slightly different meanings. Maybe no one has been chosen to go with you yet, and the person is wondering who can be chosen. “Who will go with you?” can also mean something like, “Who would even be willing to go with you?”