TOEIC question: Former CEO quits as life president?

Hi, what is a life president? I have just come heard (and seen) this phrase on CNN:

Former CEO Chris Gent of Vodafone quits as life president.

I understand what a president is, but a life president? If there is life president, is there also a death president?

Thanks a lot.

I think this probably means that he was not a president hired and fired by the board of directors, but remained president of the company until he retired. You could probably say Henry Ford was the life president of his company, because he was at the head of it from the time he was a young man, until he was old and retired, and the company board couldn’t fire him.

Don’t confuse that expression with president for life. A president for life is a national dictator who never steps down until he dies.

Hi Nicole,

You might be interested to know that some societies, clubs and organisations that charge a subscription fee to their members offer different types of membership. You can pay a certain sum each year or one obviously larger fee to be a life member. This means you remain a member for the rest of your life.