TOEIC listenning part II, set 14, exercise 3

Hello to everyone,

I answered “Sure we couldn’t” to the 2nd question “We couldn’t skip the meeting, could we?”, but as correct answer is indicated “I’m afraid not; it’s mandatory”. I don’t understand why my response is considered wrong.

Many thanks in advance,

‘Sure we could’ is grammatically correct. There is no negative equivalent using ‘sure’. You would have to say something like, ‘I’m afraid we couldn’t.’

‘Mandatory’ means it is compulsory - it has to be done, so this is the ‘clue’ to the correct answer.

I appreciate that your title indicates which test, but in future (or if you have any further questions about this one) please can you provide a direct link to questions (by copying and pasting the URL)? Thanks.

Thank you very much, Beeesneees, I’ve understood now.

Ok, in future I’ll provide a direct link to questions.