TOEIC listening part IV, set 15, exercise 9

"There are a lot of large campers and SUVs on the freeways, which are starting to cause backups on Interstate 6 both north and south of downtown. "

SUV=Sport utility vehicle

My question which word refer to the construction. A stalled vehicle: (oxford dictionary)
to stop suddenly because of a lack of power or speed; to make a vehicle or engine do this.
The car stalled and refused to start again.I kept stalling.stall something I stalled the car three times during my driving test.

Can I ask another question : TOEIC listening part IV, set 1, exercise 5

Till a fence belongs to property why an invisible fence doesn’t belong to the property?

Perhaps, it does not exist.

Hello Anglophile,

Invisible fence means an electronic fence which keeps back the dogs from running out from the garden. Its price is higher than a normal fence. It is on the same place where the normal fence should be. Only it is under the soil about 10 cm below.

So that’s why incomprehensible for me why it doesn’t belongs to the property. What happens if they want to sell the property? Can’t they ask money for it? Or do they take off from the soil? So the fence exists. If this law really exists - I think that it is a mistaken law. I don’t understand why this is a question (with the other one ) on a language exam ? I think they have nothing to do with a TOEIC exam.

There are a lot of videos about the invisible fence on You Tube… There is an add video - but it is too long - about buying the components and DIY- because it is cheaper.

Here is another one which is shorter from this we can understand that the invisible fence exists under the soil.

Many thanks that you answered my question.

Hello Kati,

The context clue indicating the correct answer to the question you quote is given in the first sentence of the listening exercise.

“Today is the first day of road repairs on the Interstate 50 freeway.”

( … pdate.html )

Hello Christa,

Many thanks for your help. Really I forgot where I found this test but I am sure that not here as I saw your link and for the first attempt I could solve it: 3/3
1). What is the speaker mainly discussing?
Road repair
Traffic conditions – CORRECT
A holiday weekend
Types of vehicles

2). Why is there a 45-minute delay on Interstate 50?
Rush hour
An accident
A stalled vehicle
Construction – CORRECT

3). What does the speaker suggest to west-bound travelers?
Leave work early
Use an alternative route – CORRECT
Wait 45 minutes
Go over a mountain pass

If I had found this question here I would have solved it. I think that I had found these test questions -it rings a bell about it - and these questions can be solved correctly if somebody solved this test what you sent to me.

As I don’t want to pass TOEIC exam . Perhaps it was that I found the TOEIC exam-questions and from curiosity I tried to solve some of them…

I hope you are well.

Bye: Kati

Certainly, they can. The owner can ask for money provided that he/she convinces the buyer of its existence and efficacy. No law would, ordinarily, deprive the seller of his/her right to it. It is justifiable and justiceable.

Jus´ticeable=justiecable (The Free Online Dictionary)
a. 1. Liable to trial in a court of justice

Your proverb or saying had been racking my brains. Even the Oxford Dictionary isn’t the word: Justiecable

So It is justifiable and justiecable. can mean: it is legal/rightful/justify and legally responsible for paying the cost of the invisible fence.

meaning of JUSTICEABLE in hindi - Hindi to English Dictionary…‎
Find answer of what is meaning of JUSTICEABLE in Hindi? … JUSTICEABLE का हिंदी में मतलब. … संभावित शब्द : justifiable का मतलब निचे है.