TOEIC listening part III, set 20, exercise 7 … rport.html

1.What should the man do on Fir Street?
Turn left- WHY NOT?, because there is in the text: ‘then turn left on Fir Street’ or Go one block on Fir Street and turn right,
Look for a sign =CORRECT

  1. then head east on 620 to the airport exit.- WHY NOT:
    then head east on 620 to the airport entry, bacause the man wants to get to the airport and not leave it?

  2. At this time of day - why is there no article before ‘day’?

many thanks

  1. When he is actually on/in Fir Street (not turning into it) he is told to look for a sign.

  2. I can only assume that there is also an entry close to it.

  3. It’s not needed, and is a common expression.