TOEIC listening part III, set 17, exercise 6 … _deal.html

please explain:

  1. Top a competitor’s price - why not (it concludes from the text): decrease a competitor’s price?
  2. to inquire about your bulk rates
  3. are $40 a ream for the white and $55 for the color=are $40 a ream of white paper and $55 for the color paper ?
  4. we’ll go with them= we’ll buy the paper at/in their (competitor’s) store?
  5. I’ll beat those prices by 5 percent= I’ll put down/decrease those prices by 5 perecent?

many thanks

  1. Giving a better offer by asking for a lower price of a product is called ‘topping’ (beating) the current price.
  2. to ask about your rates for bulk buys (discounts, etc.)
  3. yes
  4. yes
  5. Yes. ( in rwlation to (1) - she is offering a discount which will top the competitor’s price!)
  1. rates= prices?
  2. in relation to?


yes and yes