TOEIC listening part III, set 11, exercise 8 … eting.html

please explain:
1.I’ve just heard back from Gloria - to hear back?
2.we can go over the objectives for this new project - to go over?
3. can’t make it that day - to understand it literally?
4. Let’s set it for noon next Tuesday - Let’s establish/make the appoinment for noon next Tuesday?
5. we can’t hold the meeting - we can’t organize the meeting?


  1. Gloria has replied.
  2. review
  3. yes, I can’t come to a meeting on that day.
  4. yes
  5. yes, for whatever reason is given.

why not:
Let’s set it for the noon next Tuesday ?
Let’s set it for the noon the next Tuesday ?


We generally don’t use ‘the’ with ‘noon’.

We only use 'the next ’ if we are specifying a particular Tuesday further ahead than the very next one.

Let’s meet on Tuesday.
Let’s meet on the Tuesday after next.
Let’s meet on the Tuesday following the party.
:et’s meet on the Tuesday of that week.