TOEIC listening part 1 set 32, excercise 8

Hello every body! This is me again, Ly. I’ve just done the TOEIC listening part 1 set 32, excercise 8( … _race.html). The context of this excercise is:
318). The cycle race
A.One man in an orange jacket is standing in the road. – CORRECT
B.The cyclists are all coming towards the camera.
C.There are three cars in the picture.
D.The cyclists are all wearing red.
I wonder why answer C is wrong. As you can see here, there are 3 cars in total. Two of them are white and the other is pale blue… ???
Could someone help me, please? Thank you so much for reading my message! And thanks for answering!
Best regards!

Perhaps the writer believes that the blue vehicle is a van. It looks too tall to be a car in comparison with the white vehicles.

Oh yes! I understand now! Thanks!