TOEIC Grammar Exercises


I have some questions about grammer, If you answer I will be pleased.

  • It was ____ driving I’ve ever seen. ( the answer is b but I don’t understand why)
    a) the best
    b) best

-The baby,___ quite happily a moment before suddenly burst into tears. ( I don’t see any difference between a and b)
a) whom I’d been playing with
b) with whom I’d been playing

  • Is there a difference between the meaning of the rather and prefer?

  • I also can’t differentiate the usage of ‘either’,neither’, ‘as well’ and ‘too’ even though I know the usage of them.

As he was not satisfied with the content of the document, he declined to sign it, and none of the members attempt to persuade him to, ___.

b)as well
c) either

-What is the difference between 'think of 'and ‘think about’?

-Hardly ever ___ such a gathering of distinguished scientists from so many different countires.
a)there has been
b)has there been (don’t understand why b is the right)

-The usage and meaning of whatsoever I don’t understand.

Example;he was recruited to tech economics at the univeristy although he had no teaching experinece___. (I write here enough but it is wrong )

Hi berione81

My answers are in blue. I’ve also included lots of links.

If you want to post a lot of questions again, please post the questions separately. Thanks.


thanks again :)))

Hi Berione81, it just occurred to me that you too have to check the spelling of the word grammar. It’s not a big deal as they say but then again paying attention to detail might be important in business. After all, you are preparing for the TOEIC to advance in your career, aren’t you?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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