TOEFT ESSAY: A friend of yours has received some money and plans to use all

A friend of yours has received some money and plans to use all of it either

to go on a vacation

to buy a car.

Your friend has asked you for advice. Compare your friend’s two choices and explain which one you think your friend should choose. Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

Trying to find the best way to use money is always tough, specially when you have two choose when two options are equally good. Once, my friend asked me: “ If I have money and I am confused whether I should go on a vacation or buy o new car”. It is a hard choice, but after thinking clearly, I advised her to buy a new car.

Firstly, it helps her to go to work much more easily. Her house is too far from the office, and she has no transportation to there, except bus. Instead of waiting at the bus stop at 5:30 am everyday, she can sleep a bit longer and get up at 6:00 and then driving to her office. It takes her less time to go anywhere that she wants.

Secondly, with that new car, she can go wherever she wants, including vacation. She can go with her friends, bring more stuff, and listen to music. She can stop whenever she wants to take photograph when she sees a beautiful scenery or just for a short rest when she is tired. I know that she is an adventurous person so bumping around in a car is a great choice for her.

In conclusion, depending on your situation, you will have different ways to use your money. But with me, buying a new car is maybe the best option due to the fact that it has many advantages in life.

Please check my grammar and vocabulary for me.
I have one small question here: Can I compare the advantages and disadvantages of two option then suggest the better option for me?
Thanks for all help.

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