TOEFL TPO11, task2 , The effect of the Internet on people's lives.

Nowadays, Internet has a great influence on people’s life. It increased the speed of life and made it easier. Even though accessing to so much information caused some problems in terms of privacy and dependency to the Internet, but it has a lot of benefits which in my view living without internet is a disaster!

First and foremost, the Internet makes life easier and more quickly than before. You can easily search what you need in the Internet and find whatever information which you need. For example if you want to check the weather for skiing in a specific mountains, you can easily check the weather from special websites to make decision and through this way you can spend your limited holiday time on a thing which is possible. While in the past you should find every skiing resorts telephone number and call them immediately before you ride there.

Secondly, the Internet learns people a lot. With increasing number of websites, weblogs, forums and etc. you can find a lot of useful information about any subject which you need. For example, if you want to get familiar with the TOEFL exam, you can easily search on the internet and find eBooks, preparation guides, videos of classes and even softwares for practicing.

Thirdly, it may cause some privacy problems. Social networks like Facebook contains a lot of information about people which if leaks out to some vicious and delinquent people can be very harmful. Moreover, internet gets people lazy. People get dependency to the internet and electronic devices. They stick at computers more than before.

Finally, in my point of view the Internet makes our life more efficient.

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Hi Yusfn, I thought your writing was pretty good, but your essay could have been more effective. I am not sure exactly what your thesis statement is, so your third body paragraph seemed a little out of place. Most of your writing was pretty clear, but you did have some unclear phrases as well as some awkward sounding sentences. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

thank you Luschen!
You are a great man.