TOEFL Test and essay: What is your approach to problem-solving?

It’s difficult to say which are the my main approaches. Because for me there are many solutions for my problems. However, if i have to choose something than i can say my approaches to problem solving are to think clearly and to listen everyone before I decide what I do.

First of all, in my opinion the most important solution for the problems is to think clearly. If you think calmly, you can be sure that you will do your best. If there is a problem, first relax then think how do I solve this problem. After that, you will realise you find a way to make easy. When you do panic, you’ll have wasted of your time. For instance, in my private life there was a problem two years ago. Our cat was at home but we realised it had lost. I and my mother did panic and we couldn’t think where it was. My father was relax. He thought it was outside and we had to look outside. Because of him, we found our cat in our garden. It was behind the trees. My father didn’t do panic, he could thought clearly. Therefore, we found our cats in few minutes.

Secondly, for me the second important soolution for the problems is to listen everyone before decide who is right. Many years ago, i was in high school. ı had two best fiends. However, two of my best friends was fighting for me. I saw them and suddenly I screamed. When they heard me -it was impossible to not hear- they stopped. After that, i talked each one. Additionally, I listened to them. Because of listened everyone, I think I decided who was rigt.

In conclusion, as I said before there are many approaches to problem solving. I tried to explain the most important solutions. To think clearley and before decide something to listen every one are my approches. Therefore, in my life i find right ways to solve the problems.

TOTAL:15 minutes

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Good night dear sel
From my vantage point: you are capable of writing a better essay
Please read it:
I have make some suggestions:
There is no compelling reason to write an essay in 15 minutes. Think twice before pulling the trigger to write a sentence. Just double check below-mentioned sentences, which you have written, from grammatical viewpoint and ponder whether they make sense to you or not.
These sentences sounded vague and peculiar to me.

1-Use capital ‘I’ for the pronoun.
2-Leave no space before and one space after a comma, semicolon, colon or full stop.
3-Build your vocabulary; you should use a word one time in an essay.(take the word approach for example, you could have used the words such as :method, strategy, way, tactic and so forth, rather than using it frequently.
4-realize is used in American English and realise in British English.
you will waste your time or you could have written :It will/would be waste of time
5-When you do panic (panic is a noun and could be a verb as well,as you know-so, Is your sentence correct from grammatical viewpoint? If yes, convince me.)
6-My father was relax(relaxed). relax is a verb not an adjective.
7-and the most important one= don’t you like your cat? I was wondering why you have used (it) for your pet. you should use (she/he) for animals such as a cat, dog, rabbit a bird or hamster …which you keep and care for at home.
Let me know if you have any suggestions.
Good luck with your writing.

Hi Richard,

Your advices for Naiverock, Ulker and Sel are useful for me to. So thank you very much. Your 3rd point attracted my attention. “3-Build your vocabulary; you should use a word one time in an essay. (take the word approach for example, you could have used the words such as: method, strategy, way, tactic and so forth, rather than using it frequently.” I agree with you that we should build our vocabulary to make our essays to be nice. There are many way to express your ideas, your feelings. The variety of vocabulary makes your essay to be much more interesting, and it makes the reader like reading them.

Have a nice day!

Hi Hoado

1-advice is an uncountable noun- don’t say advices(plural)
2-make= one of the meanings of make is cause, which you wanted to use:
make something beautiful/difficult/possible/tough/easy…
The invention of the cell-phone has made it possible for people to communicate with each other while walking.
make+sth+superlative adjective
make something the best-worst
you could have used as well (It leads to something)

I have made some suggestions. (present perfect tense)
well, nobody mentioned that so I had to correct my own sentence.
You are good at English I already read your piece of writings.
Thank you.
you too.

Good morning Richard,

Thank you very much for correcting my mistakes. I have read your suggestions. Well, they were very clear and easy to understand.
Have a nice day!