TOEFL Task 2/ job with fewer vacation days or more vacation days

Which one do you prefer? Why?
– a company offering you a job with challenging and interesting projects but less vacation days or
– another company offering you a job that is not so challenging and interesting but has more vacation days.

Today’s world is such an intricate, developed, and competitive one that leads people to spend most of their time working and making money to be able to keep pace with others. With this in mind, a heated controversy exists as to whether a challenging job with interesting projects but fewer vacation days is better or a job with less challenging projects but more vacation days. As far as I am concerned, a job with more vacation days is more preferable, even though it may have less interesting projects.

To begin with, a job with more vacation days can result in life satisfaction. In other words, the more individuals have opportunities to spend time with their family, the more they feel happy and relaxed. Spending time with immediate family may help people to relieve any anxiety and handle life pressure more easily. If a person is with his or her family, he or she will be able to speak about family members’ problems and establish a strong relationship with them. Additionally, thanks to a strong relationship among family members, they are more likely to overcome possible troubles in the path of life, bringing about the feeling of satisfaction and relief. For example, when I was a child, my father had a demanding task with few days for vacation. I remember my father did not have any time to be with us. After that period, all my family got depressed. Eventually, my father changed his work and decided to work in a position having more opportunity to take a vacation. Furthermore, this decision changed our lives dramatically and helped my father to be in the company of his family more than in the past. Such an event brought more joy and excitement to our lives, for we had more time to speak, take a trip, or have lunch with each other. Had my father not decided to change his work and get a less challenging job with more time for vacation, he would never have been able to live a distressed and joyful life.

The other equally significant reason worth mentioning is that a job with more vacation days can bring about plenty of opportunities to learn new things and boost knowledge. Needless to say, in order for individuals to be able to compete with others and make progress, they should update their knowledge and gain new experiences. By having a task which provides people with more vacation days, one can study at home, search in the Internet, exchange experiences with his or her colleagues, or go to class to learn new things. My grandfather, for instance, needed to learn computer skills to work in a company. Having vacation days helped my grandfather to use those time to learn such a crucial skill by a private teacher at home. I remember whenever my grandfather had free time, he worked with computer and use the time to make progress. Consequently, had my grandfather not had a job with vacation days, he would have never been able to allocate enough time to gain valuable skills.

To sum up, taking all of the above-mentioned examples into account, one can conclude that having a job with more vacation days is more preferable for individuals. By having vacation days not only can individuals spend time with family and feel satisfaction, but also they can have enough time to gain experience and boost skills which are necessary for their work.

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Hi Epic, this essay was definitely one of your best so far. You only had a few outright errors, though I did make some suggestions for improvements here and there. Your body paragraphs flowed very well and your examples really connected well with your arguments. Here are my comments:


Thank you so much. The more I write, the more I learn thanks to your instructive suggestions.
But I am not able to manage time, do you have any suggestion as to how I should manage time?

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Time management is definitely a challenge. First, the more you practice writing essays, the easier it should get and the faster you should be. I find that writing specific detailed examples makes it easier for me to write quickly and so boosts my word count. But at some point you are going to have to write timed essays to simulate writing under actual test conditions. Still, in the end I think you may have to shorten your essays to make sure you can complete them in the allotted time. A 585 word essay is wonderful, but a 450 word essay written in the 30 minutes would be even better and can still get a very high score.


Thanks very much, I wrote a new one by considering time

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