TOEFL study group

Hi everyone,
I am planning to take TOEFL in April. I don’t know whether we have TOEFL study group or not on this forum, but I am very much interested to joint TOEFL study group if we have one. Otherwise, is anybody interested in making the TOEFL study group with me?

I would really appreciate anybody’s help.


Hello Nehar,

Welcome to our forum. Your idea of creating a TOEFL study group is great. How exactly do you want to organize it? You can exchange ideas and experiences with other TOEFL candidates. What do you want to study and where? What are your areas of interest?

Talk to you soon,

TOEIC listening, photographs: Prayer time[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi everybody…I´m new here…This page is so useful, I took toefl 4 months ago, but i didnt get the score … i´ll take toefl in next month, can you help me to prepare it ??? …Best regards from colombia…