TOEFL Speaking test - put a complete test on your website or blog

If you’d like to insert a full ready-to-view (and use) TOEFL speaking test in your own website or blog, you can access the materials and codes at this link:


The test has links to a free recording thread to practice making responses.

There is a link there that directs people to my main site, but there aren’t any hidden catches here. You can insert this full test into your own webpages completely free of charge, and visitors to your website or blog can experience the whole test without leaving your site.

Why do it? I haven’t seen many ready-to-use speaking tests for TOEFL around the Internet, and I thought this would be a useful tool to develop. Yeah, sure, I get to plug my site and services a little, but the main objective was to make a complete TOEFL speaking test as widely accessible as possible.

You can see an example of how the blog version of the test looks on my own blog at this link: [url][/url]

All the best,

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