toefl speaking task

sometimes sturdents have to write papers. sometimes they have to give oral presentations. Which activity do you think is better for students, and why?

some people like to read classic works of literature. Others prefer watching film versions of the same stories. which do you prefer?

what is the most interesting class you have ever taken? explain the aspects of the class that made it interesting.

One of the classes which I’ve relished a lot was my ?mother in puchow? class I liked this class because ummmmmm I liked ummmm the subject and materials which were taught. Uhhh, in this class we got uhhh, FAMilar with ummmm uhhh some controlled methods which were ehhh which showed us uhhh the applications of owl major in that street. For example, it showed us how ummmm, these controlled methods ehhh helps in ehhh control of flow of certain chemicals in industries. Ehhhh so uh this uhhh class uhhh helped me to be more familiar with the apllications of my major.

Hi, I worked on your second one, but we had a power outage here so I lost my work :frowning: I will try to do it tomorrow, but until then, your main problem is your organization. This guy really knows what he is talking about and can help you figure out how to organize your answers better - I highly recommend watching his videos, here is his video on Speaking question 1: … B0&index=3

I believe that both writing papers and giving oral presentations are beneficial for students, however, I think that because umm, for future ?charaias? students might have to do presentations and conferences in front of a large group of people and especially it’s better to be prepared to give presentations since they are studying in school. So if the are prepared they won’t lose control in future. Therefore I prefer to uh, prefer the oral presentation classes more.

:slight_smile: To me, it sounded as if Nastaran said “modern control”. No idea what that might mean, of course!

By the way, you are being a tremendous help, Luschen. Not only are you correcting essays (which I think is a rather daunting task), but also taking the time to listen to our recordings and record voice messages for us too! Thank you!

Thanks Cristina, Yes, I think you are right - it does sound like “modern control”. Without any context though it is sometimes hard to figure out. As an electrical engineer, I had to take some control systems classes. They involve using sensors to gather data, which is run through an analog or digital controller to move a motor or other actuator, like controls for an airplane or an engine throttle - or to control chemical flows by adjusting pump speeds and valve positions. Maybe that is what Nastaran means. Graders should know what “history” or “psychology” mean, but “modern control” might need a little additional description.