TOEFL Speaking Questions and my learning vocabulary program

Hi everyone ?I am going to take the Toefl on 27 june 2009 so i have picked some speaking questions from other forums and i’ve made a program which is used for memorizing vocabulary

you can accees it from here :

and speaking questions

  1. What do you do to relax?
  2. Attending classes and learning from school is better than getting information outside the class. Do you agree or disagree?
  3. tell about a book you have read
  4. parentral control in tv and internet … your opinion
  5. important event in your childhood
  6. Do you agree or disagree “we can learn about a new city by visiting it’s historical place & landmark”
  7. essay- class mates / parents have more influvence on a child’s success in education. your opinion.
  8. What kind of movies do you like? (action, comedy etc)
  9. Physical activity should be required in school? (agree/disagree?)
  10. Where is the best place to meet and have fun with your friends?
  11. Eating out and eating at home, which do you prefer?
  12. What is the most memorable challenge you faced and how did you over come that challenge?
  13. Do you prefer classes that is useful in school or useful for your career?
  14. What is the characteristics of a good parents.
  15. Which do you prefer, work on your assignments alone, or in groups.
  16. Tell me about an interesting career or a job you want.
  17. Do you prefer long vacation or short vacation?
  18. Are games necessary in schools?
  19. What subject/class that you took in high school paid you back?
  20. Describe a social/political event that people celebrate your country ?
  21. Government should spend money towards arts and art classes. Do you agree/disagree?
  22. What is your favorite place in your city?
  23. You have extra amount of money. Would you save it or spend it?
  24. an important accomplishment in your life?why was it important how did u achieve it ? What was the result
  25. Students should attend full time course or part time ? which one do u agree with and why ?
  26. . an important accomplishment in your life?why was it important how did u achieve it ? What was the result
  27. Students should attend full time course or part time ? which one do u agree with and why ?
  28. What is the Characteristics of a good friend?
  29. Do you prefer to spend your free time on indoor activities or outdoor activities?
  30. What is the most popular activity or sports in your country?
  31. What do you prefer, getting information from the internet or from published materials?
  32. Who had the most influence in your life?
  33. Do you prefer to be a leader of a group or be part of a group?
  34. If you had to live in a deserted island, things you would bring with you.
  35. If you have chance to learn one new thing, what will you learn?
  36. What is the most challanging thing that you have faced in your life?
  37. some go to college for improve knowledge. other will go for job oppertunites in their future life. what is your opinion?
  38. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
  39. In your opion, who might be a good model for the youth today?
  40. an special opportunity in your life
  41. agree or disagree that students should not have cells phones in class.
  42. what do you do to relax?
  43. attending classes and learning from school is better than getting information outside the class. do you agree or disagree?
  44. tell a person you admire? what are the qualities of that person you admire
  45. do you agree or dis agree " all students should provide opportunities for college & university studies".
  46. what do you miss most when away from home?
  47. online and on campus study, what is better?
  48. studying abroad is good or bad?
  49. human inventions are good for mankind?
  50. what object is important for us ? why
  51. .its is better to judge to any person with first look or long term relation ship is required to know that person. agree or disagree
  52. What are you good at? (sports, studying etc.)
  53. Do you plan everything for your free time or don’t plan anything. I think it was what do you prefer.
  54. something about food, not exactly but a main idea: What food will you offer your guests which came to your home?
  55. Do you prefer to get information from books or the Internet? Why?
  56. Your favourite pet
  57. Your dressing style
  58. What do you do in your free time? (Your most favourite hobby)
  59. How do you learn English?
  60. Which sport do you like best?
  61. Which dish do you like best?
  62. Your most favourite/important subject
  63. You future plan
  64. Your best scholastic achievement
  65. What kind of music do you like best?
  66. What do you expect in your parents?
  67. If you had a wish, what would you wish?
  68. If you can change one thing in your university, what would you change?
  69. Your best friend
  70. The person you like best
  71. Your unforgettable day
  72. What is unforgettable in your school life?
  73. Your idea of a happy life
  74. A type of book you enjoy reading
  75. The fruit you like to eat most
  76. the most efficient transportation system in your country
  77. Is music education necessary ?
  78. Which place u want to see in the world and why?
  79. People think childhood is very great…do u think its grt and why?(sorry if I am interpreting wrong…)
  80. talk about a gift u received
  81. is our lives easier than our grandparents, discuss with examples
  82. Famous person and why?
  83. Student is living in a dormitory and her roommates are having a party. She is to decide whether to stay in another friend’s apartment where she can study better or just stay in the dormitory.
  84. The day…which you enjoy and celebrate well…
  85. Do you prefer taking classes during the day and work in the evenings&weekends or taking classes in the evenings and work during the day times?
  86. Your favorite movie
  87. Compare Television and Newspaper as information resource for current news
  88. Your favorite sport
  89. Should we put animals into zoo or return them to natural environment.
  90. What trip u like to take in future? Give examples and explain?
  91. DO u like to take off before joining university classes.
  92. Explain a situation in which someone(friend,relative) adviced you?
  93. What has your friend ever done that surprised you (something like that).
  94. Do you prefer active vacation (playing sports, going hiking) or more passive one.
  95. The most important influence on young adults is their family.

TOEFL listening lectures: Why does the professor mention the weather at the beginning of his lecture?

When, where, and why to add a full stop, capital letter and question mark would be a useful addition to this list.