Toefl speaking question 1. Please check my answers and rate them. Thank you!!!

  1. The most important holiday in my country is thanksgiving day. There are two reasons why I like it.

First, people appreciate the famers producing rice. New Thanksgiving Day is major harvest festival in my country like Thanksgiving Day in U.S. Therefore, people thank famers and remind the importance of rice by sharing food with other people.

Second, family members gather on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day is the longest holiday in my country. Like many other harvest festivals, as celebration of the good harvest, most people visit their ancestral hometown and share traditional foods.

Therefore, people can have good time with their family members by eating good foods and playing traditional game.

  1. Riding a bicycle is my favorite method to stay physically and mentally healthy. There are two reasons why

First, one of the benefits in riding a bicycle is that I get fresh air. I usually ride my bicycle in mountains around my house. I relieve my stress from studying by getting fresh air. This enables me to concentrate more on my school work. Therefore, I can stay mentally healthy by riding a bicycle.

Second, riding a bicycle is the good way to expend energy and train my body. When I’m riding my bicycle, I have to use the variety of my muscles especially arms and legs muscles. Even though I eat much high-calorie food, I can stay physically healthy by riding a bicycle for a long time.

This is why riding a bicycle is the good way to stay healthy.

  1. The most influential role models in my life are definitely my parents. There are two reasons why.

First, they provide me with the understanding that there isn’t anything I can’t do unless I choose not to. They helped me a solid foundation in my life such as being independent and making my own ego. Therefore, I could complete that foundation with my hard work and effort.

Second, my parents gave me the freedom to make my own decision and to learn from my mistakes. These lessons taught me that it’s ok for people to make mistakes as long as they don’t make the same mistakes again and they can learn from the experiences.

As most people want to be, I’d like to be good parents. So my parents are the most influential role model in my life and I respect them.

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