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Think of the most interesting class you have ever taken. Why did you enjoy this class so much? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.

One of the most interesting classes I had attended was on computer architecture by a guest lecturer who was invited at our institute. The guest lecturer was a renowned professor in the university department. He started the lecture with the basics of what’s and how’s computers. He gradually built upon these basic concepts to integrate those forming complex structures. He was a very knowledgeable person and hence had grabbed my complete attention. Unlike other lecturers, he drew pictures for most of the theoretical concepts. Hence, it was much easier to understand and recall the theories with the help of those visuals. He also compared the architecture and working of the computers to some real life examples. For example, he compared the virtual memory of the computers to a person keeping only currently needed files on the desk and rest in the adjoining drawer such that they can be accessed easily. This gained me the insight of the inventor’s mind.

The class was made livelier by the small jokes he cracked during the lecture. He also asked some questions intermittently to check the understanding of the class. This increased the activity in the class as the students got a chance to exhibit their knowledge and understanding. As the class was of limited duration, the students did not get listless. The lecture was concluded with a question answer session. It was a session filled with all inquisitive minds asking queries to a wizard. At the end of the lecture, the professor gave us an interactive quiz. This quiz was a lot of fun indeed. He then concluded his lecture providing us with the copy of notes, some links to the related sites and a list of books for reference. He also provided us with his contact number so that we can get in touch with him in case of any queries.

I believe that the lecture was interesting because it was filled with both, fun as well as a deeper understanding of the subject.

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As we all know that study is most stressful and boaring for most students, however, ecah student has particular favourite subject, for which they do like study. since today, art class has been my most favourite class, and there are many reasons for that, including good teacher and interesting subject.

I am in the second year of college and my major is an art. since my school days I was really good at making art from any ordinary thing. for instance, if you give me feather or stamp I can make an attractive wall piece. for this reason I made art as my major. The other reason is it relaxes my mind. when I creat an art I forget all my stress. besides that it pleases me and I feel very fresh and enthusiastic for other work. I used to engage myself in creating art before a week of my exam so i feel very relaxed and calm.

fortunately, my teacher is very approchable and jovial. he is so amiable that i never hesitate to ask any question. the last but not the least reason is my grades, as I am so interested in the subject, has always remains higher than other subjects. probably, that’s why I always feel enthusiastic to do better than I have done before.

finally, I think there may be many more reasons for my favourite class than i have explained above. now I wanted to build my carrear in my most liking subject and I am looking forward to it.