TOEFL sample essay: Some people prefer to participate in group sports...

Some people prefer to participate in group sports; others would rather take part in individual sports. What are the advantages of each and which do you prefer? Use reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Some people regard that participating in group sports is better for them because it makes them more depandable on one another. On the other hand, other people consider that taking part in individual sports makes them more ambitious. Personally I think I am of the second type, opting for individual sports.

When participating in group sports there are certain clear-cut advantages that I am going to present. This type of sports shows us the possibility to rely on each other in a game. To illustrate this I will mention that when one of the players makes a mistake, he counts on someone else to cover his mistake. And so, the team may not lose in the end. Also, when there is a whole team in which some of the players sre not so good atthe game as others, the latter can teach them during the play and so help them improve their abilities.

Even though there are advantages in group sports, I strongly believe that the advantages of an individual sport are more compelling. When I play only by myself, I am more motivated and I rely only on myself. Thus, I put more efforts in the preparation and practice. So, when I lose the game I will be the only one to blame, therefore the next time I will train harder.

To sum up, both types of sports - group and individual have their advantages, however, I firmly believe that playing individually reveals the intensive training of the player and playing only for yourself it makes you accountable and motivated.

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Nowadays, sports play a great role in our life. Despite the fact that who keeps us fit, beautiful and entertainment, sports are integrated part of business and politics. I like different kind of sports - Sometimes I prefer individual - like tennis (can be team) and snooker - or team sports like football and volleyball.

Firstly, I would like to add some advantages to team sports. The most important skill here is teamwork. Working as a team can win everything. The second skill, leadership, is also very important. A team must have a captain with high leadership, who can lead and unite them; otherwise you will probably have an individual team in team sport. In my opinion there are many people which are very good at their lines but cannot adapt to a team. This is probably the main reason that more and more people prefer to be individualists.

On the other hand, individual sports are people-individualists but not always. Some people prefer playing individually when they are very good at a sport. Therefore, playing with others make them difficult to demonstrate their ability. Another point is that their level of adaptability is very low. This is very important to note because if you cannot adapt well into a team you cannot show what your real skills are. The main advantage here is that you can prove your skills and you can count only on yourself. For this reason, there are no excuses that you have lost. It only depends on you! That is why I like to play individual sports because when I lose I know that there is something that I should improve. The only person who I can blame is me. Personally I consider myself to be man of that type, so I prefer to play sometimes individually rather than as a team, it really depends on the situation.

To sum up, there is no doubt that sports play very significant roles in our lives. They give us the opportunity to be healthy and beautiful but also the ambition to succeed. According to me, I like both kind of sports being individual or team but if I had to choose I would take individual sports because it depends only on you!