TOEFL prep: Leaders must pay attention to the advice and opinions of other people

Topic: leaders must pay attention to the advice and opinions of other people

As we see a boss give advice and opinions to other people, we take that for granted. However, we are skeptical whether employers should listen to advice and opinions from their employee. I strongly believe that they should.

Firstly, listening to other people brings leaders close to customers. We all know that employees are the bridge between leaders and customers. They are people who contact directly with customers so they know their customers demands. In addition, what leaders know about customers are almost coming from their employees. Moreover, by collecting advice and opinions from other people, a leader will be able to develop strategies for dealing with customers’ demands. Leaders are knowledgeable however their employees are sometimes have better understanding about a particular problem. Therefore it is necessary to listen to their ideas.

Secondly, paying attention to workers helps to boost relationship between employers and employees and then increase productivity. A bossy employeer cannot understand other people deeply, and therefore, it is easy to have arguments at workplace. In addition, this prevents process of work from being successful. Moreover, the boss will find that it is hard to is give their employees suitable positions at work due to their lack understanding of employees. Caring about advice and opinions of other people helps leaders solve a problem faster due to several brains working together. Furthermore, workers whose ideas are cared by their boss feel to be respect and as a result they start to work eagerly and evenly harder.

In conclusion, paying attention to other people not only helps to connect a leader of a company with their customers but also enhance the relationship between employers and employees.

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If leaders only give advice and opinions to other people but pay no attention to the advice and opinions of other people, then they are dictators.