Toefl PBT (scale of score)

This is Touhi. I’m taking Toefl pBT on 16th aug…however I was taking some practice test…
I got 34 out of 40 in section 2
38 out of 50 in section 3 and
40 out of 50 in section 1 (listening section)

is this a good score. :? …for toefl pbt…pleej tell me…I need to know how I’m doing…I really dont understand how they scale it from 31 to 68… :roll:

thanks… :slight_smile:

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture by a professor of Sociobiology

pleej some one reply…I need to know :cry:

Hi Touhi

The raw scores of the TOEFL pbt are converted to a special TOEFL scale using a special statistical conversion system, and I don’t think TOEFL publishes this. I also think that some questions may carry more weight than others.

As far as I know, a raw score between about 1 and 10 (my approximation) will result in a reported TOEFL score of 31, and then higher raw scores will be scaled accordingly – up to a maximum of 67 or 68 on each section of the test.

Rather than worry too much about the conversion of your raw scores, I would recommend focusing on getting more of the questions right. Analyze what you’ve gotten wrong and then try to improve specifically in those areas.
By the way, there is no such word in English as “pleej”, and you should have written “some one” as one word: “someone”.

Good luck with your last-minute preparation, and good luck on August 16th.

thanx for replying…and yah…dere is a word “pleej” in english…that is called not formal english…when I was writing I didn’t think that I had to VERY formal on this forum…

anyway…‘thx’ for ur reply…but NO ‘thx’ for ‘ur’ correction…

Hi Touhi

I’ll make it a point not to waste my time on your questions in the future. :roll:

Good luck anyway.