TOEFL Listening Question

Hi, I have a difficulty in one of TOEFL Listening questions.

Tapescript :
A: You wouldn’t be interested in working this summer to make some extra money, would you?
B: Not much, I wouldn’t.

Choices available:
a. He is very interested in working
b. He’ll work even tough he doesn’t want to.
c. He doesn’t need much money
d. He could only work part of the summer.

The key to the answer is A. But does anyone know why the answer is A? Please help.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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This is a very idiomatic expression. It’s a kind of double negative suggesting the very opposite… It means I would like to very much in your text.

You find it in examples like these:

Would you like to win some money?
Yes, I would very much like to or Not much, I wouldn’t.

Do you enjoy drinking beer?
Yes, I do very much or Not much, I don’t.
Hope this helps.


Thank you Alan for your quick reply.
I really appreciate it. And it does really help. ;).
Thanks again.