TOEFL Independent Speaking Question 1: A book

Question: Think about a book that you have enjoyed reading most. Why do you like it? What was espcially interesting about the book? Use specific details and examples to support your response.

125-150 words.
To be honest, I’ve never enjoyed reading any books so this is a real trouble to me =.= :frowning: so, Thanks a lot for your helping :smiley:

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Jack, I suggest that you just leaf through a few paper-back introductions at a local book store. There you will find a brief outline of the story, and you should be able to cook some suitable text up from reading the storyline.


I like The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho because everyone of us could relate our lives to the main character in the story.
I remember reading this book in one sitting only. The most interesting thing about The Alchemist is that it is a story but nowhere
less than a philosophy of life.

We spend our lives following the dreams, striving to create our identity and at times we pause somewhere to find the meaning or
purpose of our existence. The Alchemist magically gathers everything at the same place and that too with moving words like –
“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

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Rather, buy that book or get one from the library.
Inside you will find a brief outline of the life, and you should be able to cook something up for your real life :slight_smile:

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