TOEFL essays: People attend college or university for many different reasons...

#001 People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
In my opinion, there are a lot of different causes why people go to university or college. But the most common of them are getting degree for future better carrer opportunities, looking up for something new and desiring to know more and more.
If people want to get good job a degree from college or university is the best way of doing it. A statistical researches show that employees with higher education almost always have higher salary and bonus. And as more educated are person as higher and more responsible position he or she can work at. Also studing at university gives students such needed and important for future work skills as ability to communicate with different people and to work hard and carefully.
So far as communication is the main part of our social live, chance to meet new people at university invite new students to attend there. You can meet variety of people different age and race, with different culture and tradition, from different continents and countries. And everyone from this people can show or talk you a greate amount of interesting things. You can find a lot of indeed friends during of you studing. For example, all my best friends are from my university. And even if I graduated a few years ago we maintain excelent relationships now.
Aslo some people want to study at university because they just want to know more and more about our world at all or about some particular its part. We can call it desire of knowledge. When person is well-educated and he or she can talk about anything in the world, this person become interesting for other. This person always find company and theme for conversation on parties. He or she always can help other people solve some problems. And at the end I want to say that education by itself brings person higher social states and respect.
Considering all things we can conclude that most of all people go to university or college because they want to have a good job in the future or to meet a lot of friends or to know a lot about our world.

#002 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
In my opinion parents are the best and the most important teachers for their children. Parents teach them the basic things. Parents are models and environment for kids. Parents always want to do the best for their babies.
From the beginning of child’s life parents try to teach us. They show us how to talk. They help us to do the first step. They tell us beautiful stories and tales to explain us the best qualities of gentle person. Later, when we become some older, parents teach us behave in society and respect other people. And I can name a great variety of things which we take from other parents in our childhood. And all this thing are a basis that help survive and become successful in our adult life.
Children always watch on their parents and try to behave in the same way. They notice parents’ habits and imitate them in childhood or in adulthood. Parents are models for their kids. Also parents create environment which has a big influence on children’s characters and behavior. If there are a lot of rows in the family, child may grow up nervous or unsociable. If there are calm and peace in home, child will probably be sociable and quiet.
Parents always try to buy, to show, to do all the best for their children. They wish their kids have cloudless future and exert themselves to help children. No one teacher in the world don’t have such motivation to teach pupils as parents have.
So, I think that all that we achieved in our life we appreciate our parents. And every thing that they taught us was useful, are useful or will be useful for us. And considering all things I want to tell that we always have to love, respect and help our parents, because they didn’t spare themselves to make us better and give us better life.

#003 Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
It is well known that food are the most important thing for us to live. It gives energy to our organism to grow, to think, to walk. The way which people get and prepare food has a huge influence on other part of their life. And they spent all their time on this. The were the main mission for humanity to find food to survive in the ancient time. Later people learnt hunting, fishing, rearing cattle and growing fruit and vegetable. But it still took a lot of time to get and prepare food. Now we have perfectly developed food industry and high techological cooking equipment. These things give easier way to prepare food. And it has big infuence on way people live now. We safe a lot of time on cooking. We have convenient and comfortable condition for preparing food. And we have a big choice of ingredients we want to eat.
First of all, now people don’t need to go hunting or gathering to get foot. We can just visit foodmarket and buy all things we want to eat. Our kitcher are full of different equipment that help us to cook. Kitchen mashines and mixers peel, slice and shake instead us. Stoves and microwav ovens know how long they have to cook food and notify us when food are ready. Fridge helps to store ready meals for a long time. So, we save a lot of time because of all of these. And we can use it for our children, parents or friends, our education, work or rest.
Secondly, due to developed food and transportation industries we can eat what we want and when we want. There are a huge choice of ingredients from all over the world and in any season of the year in our foodmarkets. So, we can try everything without some effort and decide which food is the best and the healthiest for us.
To sum up my essay I want to say that our life has become easier and comfortable since food become easier to prepare. We get more time for other things. We can choice healthy food. We can cook in convenient conditions.

#050 Some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.
However trying something new very ofter are concerned with taking risk, I prefer exploring everything unknown to me. In my opinion, if you try new things you improve your person, your life and your career. And this is more valuable then risk which you take.
Trying new things improve your skills. For example, if you will begin playing tennis, you will get quick reaction and incredible endurance, if you will begin writing computer programs you will get logical thought and computer comprehension and so on. Except those unique for each activity skills you expand such important personal qualities as knowledge about world, ability to learn and creativity.
Trying new things improve your life. When you try new things you can find better or easily way to do something. For example, if you use only public transport for moving and one day you will buy a car and pass driving license exam, you will make your life more comfortable. Also new thinks can make your life more interesting and exciting. For example, it is more enjoyable to visit new country every year on vacation, then every year visit the same resort.
Trying new things improve your career. The present world is changing rapidly. A lot of innovations appear in every section of national economic. And if you want to be successful on labor market you have continuously learn and try those innovations. Also ability quickly and thoroughly understand new work tasks represent you as a perspective worker.
So, for my opinion it is better and useful to try new things, then to do the same one all your life. And improving in personal skills, career opportunities and life style, which you gain from new things, are more valuable then risk which you take from those new things.

#067 If you were an employer, which kind of worker would you prefer to hire: an inexperienced worker at a lower salary or an experienced worker at a higher salary? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.
I my opinion, any firm need different type of worker at different stages of its life-cycle. If firm is just established or if it is expanding very quickly, it demand experienced and relaible worker. Such worker can help organized business and can help and teach other less experienced employee. If firm is developed enough and stable, it can to hire less experienced or even inexperienced worker with lower salary. In such way firm can econom finance resources and prepare those worker as it need.
At the beginning of enterprice development you should look for qualified, experienced worker with managers ability. They have to know a lot about your business field, and can organized work and people. Such worker have to teach others less experienced ones and help them to solve any problems. Also your businness need skilled people in the period of fast growth.
When you found skilled worker and your business is developing plain and stable, you can looking for less experienced worker. This help you save a lot of money on salaty and recruiting agency fees. And at the same time you can prepare this unskilled worker in such way as your business need. And I think if you firm give such people enought knowledge and skills this worker will be very loyal to it and will work with energy and enthusiasm.
So, in my opinion, every business need different workers with different experience depend on stage of its life-cycle. At the beginning it need skilled worker, then unskilled but with lower salary.

#123 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts. Use specific reasons and details to support your opinion.
There are a lot of books in the world literature. Some of them are about real events, real people, and established facts, and some are just result of author imagination. In my opinion, both type of books are useful and we should read both of them. In addition to books about real life ‘unreal’ books give us great diversity of topics, teach us morality and develop our creativity.
However humanity has enough long history, we can find only limited amount of subjects from real life for our works of literature. But on the other hand, writing of fiction literature isn’t restricted by bounds of real world. Authors can write about all things that they think of. This fact gives us great diversity of topics and enriches world’s literature by great amount of excellent books about imaginary characters, events and even worlds.
Most of our tails are used not only ot enjoy children. Very often tails have a topic that develop the best human qualities such as truthfulness, fairness, kindness in kids. Could you remember a tails that you heart in your childhood? How many of them were about real life? I think a few. Most of tails are about imaginary heroes and events to simplify real life and to get children better comprehension of things. And it is very difficult to find suitable example from real life to show kids different types of human behavior. So, should we read ‘unreal’ tails for our kids to make them better and to teach them morality?
A lot of fiction books, especially science fiction, are about discoveries and inventions that humanity haven’t done yet. Authors write about what we can to do in the future and they aren’t bound by rational thinking and present technologies, they can write about whah they want. Those book improve our creativity and nonstandard thinking. Maybe somebody in the future will develop idea from science fiction book and will invent new type of vehicle or energy source for humanity.
Considering all things, we have to read not only works of literature about real characters, events and facts, but also books about imagenary ones. This books give us more diversity of topics to read, teach us to be better and give us opportunity to invent something new for our world.

#154 In some countries, people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings. Do you think this is a good rule or a bad rule? Use specific reasons and details to support your position.
Even there are a lot discussions about rights of different group of people and denying to smoke in public places cuts rights of smokers, I think that it is very useful if country government don’t allow to smoke in public places. Such rule has a lot of benefits. It saves both smokers and non-smokers health, gives smokers more time for work and guards non-smokers, especially children, from bad sample.
I used to smoke a few years ago. And I smoke anywhere in public places, even if there were people who don’t like cigarette smoke. But now when I stopped smoking I understand how it is difficult and annoyed for non-smoker when somebody smoke near. So, now I think that denying smoking in public places is very useful for non-smoker health and mood. In such way we can protect people, especially pregnant women and children, from bad influence of cigarette smoke.
This rule is very useful for smokers too. At first it forces them to smoke less cigarettes a day that saves their lungs and even money. At second it gives them more time for work during the day, because they can’t go out from work places every hour to smoke.
And last argument that I want to explain is bad sample for others. If you stopped smoking currently, it is very hard to you to see as somebody else smoke. And some times this forces people who stopped smoking to start smoking again. But the most important thing is saving children from bad examples which give them smoker. If child couldn’t see how smoke it will never try it. On my opinion, it will be very useful to deny advertisement of cigarette, especially product placement in films and TV programs, too.
All things considering, it is a good idea not allow to smoke in public places. It makes people more healthy.[/b]

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a life sciences class (3)

Please let me know your kind comments on this attempt of mine:

It is said that the school is a student’s second home. This is because the school plays as, if not more, important a role in developing a person as home does. I feel people attend colleges and universities for a variety of reasons, put together.
Primarily people attend college for knowledge. People can chose a field and the relevant courses that they are interested in. Collages offer a unique opportunity for student to be taught by professors who are highly experienced in their respective fields. More over knowledge offer by collages is not raw but structured and systematic. Professors put in a lot of efforts to design a curriculum that covers the largest and the most relevant parts of a field. Thus the knowledge obtained from the universities is relevant and complete.
Another important feature of studies in collage is standardisation. Courses are curriculum are standardised according to different degrees such as under graduate and M.S. in different fields. This standardisation poses certain minimum requirements on the curriculum of each course. This not only helps the students get pertinent knowledge but also helps the recruiters who intend to employ the students. A student graduated from a particular course can be assumed to have studies certain courses. This makes is easier for prospective employers to classify students and employ then according to their respective needs.
Universities also play an important role in developing personality. Students learn to collaborate and work on various projects. They learn to get along with people. Collages these days offer a multicultural environment that offers students a higher degree of exposure. They become more open minded towards new idea. They not only learn, first hand, about different places, cultures and religions but become more tolerant towards others beliefs.
To summarize, I feel a person attends college or university for complete and over all development. Colleges offer relevant knowledge, opportunity for self development, unmatched exposure and, of course, means to support themselves in the world.

Please let me know your comments on this:

A school may be a child’s second home but a home is always his first school and parents, his first teachers. The most important teaching at home might not be the courses of study but lessons of life. Parents impart the teaching to a child that helps him or her grow up to be a man or a lady that others can look up to.

The teachings at home start from the very moment a child is born. Parents teach their children everything starting from the very first step to the very first word, from riding a bicycle to driving a car. It is said that every child is unique. Every child has his own way of learning, his own way of understanding and observing. In order to teach a child the teacher must know the best way to reach the child so that he will understand the lesson the best. Parents know their child the best. They have seem him grow right in front of their eyes. So parents know the best way to approach the child.

Children have a keen mind ready to absorb anything around them. Thus children tend to imitate their parents. In a way children learn from their parents even when they are not aware of it. Parents might not teach children the lessons of mathematics and science but they teach the children the moral values that make an idea citizen. As children grow up they are taught to take their decisions independently, to live in a society, to connect with people around them and understand the society that they live in.

To summarize, a child spends more time at home then at school. Parents know their child better than his teachers do. Knowledge imparted by parents develops them emotionally and morally, teaches them to thrive in a society and ultimately turn them into model citizens of the country. Thus I feel that parents are the best teachers.

I’m sorry. But I can give you any comments because I’m note professional in English. I’m just preparing to TOEFL exams.