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If you were asked to spend one thing representing your country to an international exhibition , what would you choose? why? with reasons
Plz correct my answer. If essay is inappropriate, plz give comment. Thank you Luchen
If i were asked to spend one thinkg representing my country in an international exhibition then i would send an article about Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing, a system of traditional medicine developed in India.
First, I would like to send an article about Ayurveda because i want more people to know that this system of madicine doesn’t have serious side effect like other systems of madicine. Ayurvedic system of healing takes a long time to fix any problem as the problem is fixed from the roots and the basic cause of the problem is eliminated. English Medicines can help you get well, avoid disease, or feel better quickly but their side effects may cause an unwanted or unexpected negative effect. Since The Ayurvedic drugs are derived from vegetable sources from the various parts of the plant like root, leaf, flower, fruit extrude or plant as a whole, there would be no serious side effects.
Second, large number of diseases have Ayurvedic treatment much superior to the other system of medicines.For example: In my hometown, one of my neighbour had a shingle, his parents took him into a big hospital and provided madicines and treatment. But it didn’t work out and he was almost died. By Ayurveda madicine he recovered back in 6 months .
In addition, In this fast busy life style, every one should know the value of Ayurveda in the international level. Because this is a system of medicine that utilizes various therapies including diet, yoga, and herbal preparations, to restore harmony and balance within the body.
In conclusion, I would like to spread the magic of Ayurveda in this world that is suffering from various ailments and sorrows.So i would like to send an article about Ayurveda to an international exhibition.

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Hi S.rao, I thought your writing was splendid in this one. I really don’t agree with your choice though - maybe a book about Ayurveda or some things used in its practice, like the herbs might be better. But anyway, you did a good job of presenting your point, and I think the idea of Ayurveda is a good one. Your essay had a lot of interesting details and was very informative and convincing. You had a few odd words here and there, but your meaning was clear throughout. You had a couple of ill-formed phrases, and some grammatical errors but this was very good overall, I would rate it a 4 out of 5.