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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly. Learning is enhanced by the way information is introduced to them .Internet, multimedia computers and television and radio have their own way of making learning easier.

To start with, nowadays most students have access to Internet which is the most convenient way to find information about nearly everything .If one knows how to search, the knowledge is in his or hers grasp. Just a little ambition is needed to learn the information. The hours spent on finding something in the library can be used for studying the information acquired for minutes.

Second, the process of learning is made easier by multimedia .It is a fact that a person learns more when he or she sees and hears something rather than just reads it or listens to it. There are so many films and interactive learning programs which greatly improve the learning process .Thus, acquiring knowledge is not so boring, a very important factor leading to great results : learning is faster and more thorough.

Finally, students are exposed to information almost constantly .During school hours the information is introduced by the teachers .During their leisure time – by the television or the computer. It is quite common to watch popular science films, because they are made very easy to understand thanks to computer graphics. Surfing the Internet is also very popular. Both make students inclined to learn more and faster.

To sum up, technology improved our lives in many directions one of which is the process of learning. Students learn more quickly and more because it has been made easier to use, find and remember information.

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