TOEFL essay: With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly

Technology plays a significant role in every part of human’s live. Without technology individuals are not able to fulfill many of their needs. While some people may believe that technology is not helpful for students to learn more information and more quickly, in my view, technology enables students to learn more and more quickly. I will illustrate my point of view in the rest of the article.

To begin with, through technology there are many more learning materials available for students. The internet as an excellent embodiment of technology has made it possible to access to uncountable scientific articles of journals from all over the world easily from home, whereas in the past students had to buy printed versions or borrow them from library. For example, my father graduated from university around thirty years ago when the internet was not still widespread. He says to me how difficult it was to find an scientific paper. He told me that one time he had to ask one of his friends who lived in another country to purchase one specific journal and send it to my father through mail. While now I can easily sit on my computer at home and download almost every article. As you can see, technology has made access to learning materials much easier than it used to be.

Secondly, new ways of learning is another advantage of technology. Again, before the advent of the internet, the only way to learn about scientific subjects was to attend university and college classes where professors taught the subject. However, at the present time, students do not necessarily have to go to university to gain information about academic topics. There are loads of online courses on the internet for students to take. For instance, last year, I wanted to changed my job and continue my career in the field on foreign commercial. My university degree was not related to the field, consequently, I did not have any knowledge about business and commerce. As I was working I did not have enough free time to physically attend a course, so I decided to take an online course. I was really satisfied with the result because the content of the course was phenomenal and I did not waste my time commuting between home and the institute.

To sum up, I agree with the idea that students can learn more information and more quickly by using technology. It has facilitated learning by providing more learning material and new ways of learning.

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