TOEFL essay: Why people attend university?

Well,People attend universities to improve knowledge and also to have a good carrier .Attending college or universities improves our thinking capability,intelligence,communication skills,and makes individuals good decision makers.
For example,If you are attending a job interview,company will look over your experience,communication skills and education .Based, on that company selects you.So, by attending universities one can lead a better life.
By, meeting people from different countries we can get to know about there cultures, traditional beliefs,and can taste different foods and can learn different languages.
For example, By doing masters in United states students can learn about American culture , traditions and also there religious beliefs.
As the educational expenses are very high ,most of the students are scared to get graduated as they feel like they will end up paying there tution bills for many years .
So, my conclusion is people who join in university achieve good social status,good carrier and good pay.

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a social science class

hi Sri,
you may use online-dictionary to check.

“carrier” →career?